Replacing the Battery yourself?

repair spoilt iphone battery

Do you know that changing the iPhone battery yourself could cause the battery connector in the phone to fall off? It is easy to get iPhone batteries off the streets, both original and imitation, and it is not rocket science to replace the battery on your own. However, more often than not, great care must be taken and something wrong might happen in the process.

We do have customers who choose to buy batteries and replace it themselves to save some money. In the midst of using their iPhone, the battery connector on the motherboard dislodges, probably due to excessive force applied while installing the battery and their phones can no longer be used no matter what they do.

Whilst it is not that difficult to change the battery, the implications are far greater if it damages your systemboard in the process. When considering to replace the battery in your mobile, you can still choose to purchase an imitation battery but there are few things to consider. Does imitation product have a reliable control chip? Does it charge and discharge properly? At the end of the day, we advise customers to always go for the original because it is simply not worth to risk damaging your motherboard in the process.

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