iPhoneFix Aims to Be Leading Provider of iPhone Repair in Singapore This National Day

A revolutionary iPhone repair service has taken root in Singapore. As it celebrates the country’s 48th birthday this August, the company is also embarking on the road to becoming Singapore’s leading provider of iPhone and smart devices repair.

Singapore, August 01, 2013

Started in 2009, iPhoneFix has been a growing brand in iPhone repair and recovery. Staying unwavered in its pledge to provide quality service and using original parts, iPhoneFix aims to be the leading provider of iPhone Repair services in Singapore in 2013.

The mission behind iPhoneFix came about when its founders saw a demand for iPhone users who wanted to carry on using their existing models without upgrading to a newer one. Problems that these loyal users encountered were usually accidental damages or faults that arose from prolonged usage.

For example, water damage is a common iPhone problem that is not usually covered under Apple’s standard warranty.

iPhoneFix aims to fill in the gap by providing repair for such damages to iPhone users, saving clients the ordeal of purchasing a new phone and the agony of losing important data.

So what makes iPhoneFix different from the rest?

“With repairs done on the spot, you will be able to see exactly what has been put in or taken out from your phone. This way, you will know that your data and privacy and never compromised,” explains the website.

The company prides itself in using only quality original parts in their iPhone repair, aside from providing excellent customer support and workmanship.

“Some iPhone repair services use third-party, unoriginal parts to keep prices low. However, this can potentially damage the devices further and accumulate higher repair costs,” highlights a spokesperson from iPhoneFix.”

The support team at iPhoneFix is professionally trained in iPhone repair, and has a keen eye in identifying problems with a faulty iPhone.

Diagnosis of the iPhone is usually done free of charge, after which clients have the option of whether to proceed with the repair at the quoted charges. If the iPhoneFix team is unable to repair the iPhone, no charges will be incurred.

“They are very professional and everything is done in front of the customers. Before they start, they let the customers know what is the problem and how much it will cost to replace the parts. Once the customer gives the go-ahead, then they will start to work,” says Des Talk, a satisfied customers of iPhoneFix.

Other client testimonials included the commendation of the professional service and reasonable pricing of iPhoneFix.

Besides iPhone repair, iPhoneFix also provides support and repair for other Apple devices and will soon venture into providing support for Samsung devices. This is expected to put the company ahead of most of its competitors, as it strives to be the leading provider of smart phone repair.

As part of its new goal and the celebration of Singapore’s birthday, iPhoneFix is also having a national day promotion – customers can enjoy 10% off its repair services and accessories.

To understand more on how to get affordable iPhone repair in Singapore with quality parts and services, visit sg.iPhoneFix.asia for more information today.

About iPhoneFix
iPhoneFix is a trusted iPhone repair service in Singapore that started in 2009 that was famously known as the “iPhone repair at Waterloo Street.” With free diagnosis and on-the-spot repairs, it is a growing brand recognized for its genuine service. iPhoneFix has been featured in the media such as Channel 8 News, Simply Her Magazine and Parti Japanese Magazine.